Things to Consider When Choosing a Family Friendly Hotel

We love to travel as a family so finding family friendly hotels is an essential part of planning our trips.  We always look for places that have plenty of entertaining activities for kids, that will also allow all of the adults in the group to relax, socialize and enjoy their surroundings.  While some might be eager to experience all of the top attractions at the chosen destination, a surprising amount of travel time will likely be spent in the hotel, especially when you’re traveling with young kids in tow, so choosing the right hotel is key.

Things to Consider When Choosing a

Features To Look For When Choosing a Family Friendly Hotel

Establishments like Residence Inn offer a vast number of amenities for accommodating younger guests.  For instance, those traveling with toddlers and babies can usually make arrangements at the front desk to have cribs delivered to their rooms for safe and comfortable sleeping.  This is far better than bundling a baby into the bed with adults and hoping for the best.  Older children can also look forward to board games, on-site swimming pools, video game rentals and family-friendly television programming.  The location we recently visited even had a basketball court!

If you have pets in your group, you should know that it is also possible to find hotels that are pet friendly.  Residence Inn is one of these.  They have a detailed pet policy on their website and throughout this chain there are more than 1,200 pet-friendly hotels nationwide.  This is perfect for those families who have a hard time traveling because they can’t find someone to stay with their pets while they are gone.

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Family Friendly Hotels Can Also be Budget Friendly

Using the web is the best way to find family friendly hotels.  Different platforms will allow you to customize your searches in order to identify spaces that have all of the features and amenities your group needs.  Some sites will also let you filter results to see only what you want to see.  For instance, you can tailor your searches to find hotels that offer free wifi or hotels that serve free hot breakfast each and every morning.  These features can help you cut your total trip spending.  Feeding a large group outside of the hotel can be costly.  With free breakfast, your food expenses will be significantly diminished.

Another way to cut your food costs and overall travel expenses is by looking for options that are structured to provide all of the comforts of home.  While the upfront costs of staying in these locations will likely be a bit higher than booking rooms that have little more than beds and televisions, the overall savings that these establishments provide will more than justify this extra spending.  For instance, when staying at Residence Inn, you can get access to a fully functional kitchen with various cooking and serving tools, a full living room and other extended areas for family relaxation and entertainment. It’s like a home away form home!

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Family Friendly Hotel

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