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Top 10 XBOX 360 Games For Boys

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Top 10 XBOX 360 Games For Boys

Z.E.N. got a Microsoft XBOX 360 video game system for Christmas last year.  He only has a few games and I’ve been on a quest to find him some more. Finding video games is generally easy – but finding games for boys between six and nine? That’s tough. Fortunately, there are quite a few great xbox games for boys out there, and the ten below will certainly help your little guy have fun on the XBOX 360.

10.  Disneyland Adventures

Disneyland Adventures is a controller-free game that makes use of the Kinect sensor. A great choice for kids who love Disney, it’s a good way to engage even young children with a game.

9.  Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection

A great game for active kids, this one makes use of the Kinect sensor to allow your children to play a number of sports with the help of on-screen characters. It’s a great alternative to most games, which generally feature only exercise for the child’s fingers.

8.  Lego Batman 3

One of the more recent releases on the list, Lego Batman 3 features most of the DC comics characters and a lighthearted story that your kids will enjoy. It’s a little complex for very young children, but those who are around nine should find it a suitably fun game.

7.  Sonic Generations

If you’re in your your 30s, you certainly remember Sonic the Hedgehog. The old Sega mascot is still in games from time to time, none of which are better than Sonic Generations. Featuring fast game play that focuses on reaction times more than violence, it’s a good deal of fun for most young boys.

6.  Skylanders

Skylanders is one of the series that all parents are familiar with. Featuring collectible figures and some fairly innocuous game play, it’s one of those games that kids really love and that parents don’t mind watching.

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5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Ninja Turtles are on one of their usual waves of popularity, and the most recent Ninja Turtles game (based on the Nickelodeon TV series) is a great game for boys ages 6-9. It features cartoon violence, but nothing over the top.

4. Rayman Legends

Rayman is a fun little game about a cartoonish character and his antics to save his friends – very much a throwback to the days of Super Mario Bros. Featuring a cartoon vibe and some genuinely fun game play, this is one of the best kid friendly games for Xbox 360.

3. Lego Marvel Superheroes

This is really one of the ultimate Xbox 360 games for boys. Featuring almost every Marvel superhero ever made, the game play is very much in the vein of Lego Batman – but writ large. A must play for very young superhero fans.

2. Disney Infinity

Take Skylanders, replace the dragons with Disney characters and Marvel superheroes, and you have Disney Infinity. The game has a huge emphasis on building and creativity, though – a good choice for a young mind.

1.  Minecraft

Very few games can beat Minecraft for kids. A simple game of building and survival, it lets any young boy build whatever he can imagine. The game is used across the US for teaching as well as fun, so definitely make sure you invest in these games.

There are certainly other appropriate games out there, but these ten all have something special. They’re fun, they’re interactive, and they won’t upset kids or parents. They also help your kids to learn important skills – from sharing to creativity, these games are great.

What are some of your favorite XBOX 360 games for boys?

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  • Tricia, my sister is thinking about getting her boys and Xbox for Christmas. One of their friends has one and they love playing on it. These games all sounds like good, fun games for boys! I have heard that a lot of kids really like Minecraft. Maybe I will get them a game to go with their gaming system!