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The True Meaning Of Christmas

True meaning of Christmas birth of JesusNow that Christmas is just about here, I’m taking the time to reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas.  When Christmas is mentioned, most of us instinctively think about a big tree with parcels wrapped up, the strings of lights outside the house, or the jolly fat man who comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve. If these are images that come to mind for you, you may wonder if this is what the season is all about, or whether there is more to it than that.

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

For me, as someone who was brought up in the Catholic faith, Christmas is celebrated as being the day on which Jesus Christ was born, and most Christians recognize this. People thank God for sending his son to earth, and celebrate the birth of Jesus for this reason. Many people enjoy going to a mass or church service on Christmas Eve, and these services are popular with both Catholic and non-Catholic Christians.

The story of the birth of Jesus is a big part of the true meaning of Christmas, and it is a story that everyone, even non-Christians, know well. The Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary and advised her that she would bear a son who would be the son of God. This event occurred at the time when Caesar Augustus ordered that everyone had to return to their hometown for the mandatory census that was taking place. Mary and Joseph therefore, made the journey from Galilee to Bethlehem, Joseph’s home town. As everyone knows, the couple had to stay in a stable for the night, as there was no room at the inn. The baby Jesus was born, and this was indeed a miracle and is what Christmas is all about. Visitors came to see the new born baby, most famously the three wise men, who came bearing gifts.

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The birth of Jesus was God’s greatest gift to the people of earth, and this important event in history is celebrated all over the world. The event may just have been a little boy being born in a stable, but its impact has been enormous, and that baby boy grew up and was killed for our sins. Christmas is about many things, including giving gifts, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying all that food and drink, but ultimately it is about a little boy being born and changing history.

Merry Christmas!

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  • I totally agree, it seems a lot of people forget what Christmas is really about – and it’s not about presents. I tell my little one it’s Jesus’ birthday1

  • Isn’t it something that little boys being born and not only change history but also our lives? Happy holiday to you and family from me and mine

  • Christmas is a time when one needs to transcend narrow domestic walls, selfish interests and above all, the hate and prejudice which often seize us. It is a time for deepening friendships, for forging new relationships, for reaching out to the poor and much more. I just love this holiday!

  • Christmas is a wonderful time, focusing the participants on giving, family togetherness, beautiful music and decorations, feasting on special foods and singing Christmas carols throughout the neighborhood.

  • Merry Christmas! Thank you for this post. I enjoyed reading it and reflecting on the true meani of Christmas 🙂

    Thi was my first year attending a Cristmas Eve service. I enjoyed it very much.

    • Merry Christmas to you too! Glad youenjoyed the Christmas Eve Service. I wanted to go to Midnight Mass, but Z.E.N. couldn’t stay up. Maybe next year!