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New York Giant David Diehl Tackles the Flu Shot

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Winter is quickly approaching, so guess what, it’s flu shot time! Flu season usually begins in October each year and usually ends around May. The months of December, January, and February are usually the worst months when it comes to the flu.  Those are the months when more people tend to come down with the flu. Because of this, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highly recommends that everyone older than 6 months of age should get flu shots as soon as possible. You have to get a new flu vaccine every year because the flu virus is always changing.  Mew strains of the flu virus tend to appear every year. For this reason, the flu vaccine is re-formulated each year to keep up with the ever changing flu viruses. Therefore, taking the time to get a flu shot each and every year is the most effective way to protect yourself against getting the flu.

If you’re really against getting the flu shot, having some antiviral drugs such as antibiotics in your arsenal can be a good way to also help prevent flu.  Please note though, that unlike the flu shot, antiviral drugs will require a prescription from your doctor. You can also employ other healthy living measures, such as sneezing into your elbows, and frequent hand washing, can help in the prevention of spreading and contracting the flu and other illnesses.

It’s not always easy to get to your doctor’s office to get the flu shot, But, thanks to the convenience factor, more and more people are getting immunized at pharmacies and other convenient locations. One such location is Duane Reade.

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Sign seen inside Duane Reade re: getting the flu shot

Duane Reade now offers the flu shot at all of their pharmacy locations during regular pharmacy hours. You don’t even have to make an appointment, as they accept walk-ins. They also accept most insurance plans.

Last week I had the opportunity to witness New York Giants own David Diehl getting his flu shot at the Duane Reade Store in Union Square.

Sign seen in front of Duane Reade Union Square location re: David Diehl

He’s protecting himself against the flu. What’s worse than not being able to play the sport you love because you get the flu? That’s what happened to St. Louis Rams player Eugene Sims. Last month Sims was sent home because he had the flu.

New York Giant David Diehl getting his flu shot at Duane Reade

David then took some time to sign autographs and take pictures with his fans.

Fellow Duane Reade VIP blogger Sammi getting an autograph from NY Giant David DiehlMe posing with New York Giant David Diehl

I needed to pick up a few things while I was there and one of the first things I saw as I made my way through the store was this display with seasonal health remedies.

Display of seasonal remedies at Duane Reade

So not only can you get the flu shot at Duane Reade, you can load up on remedies for the common cold as well!

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  • Wow, I didn’t even know about this store: Duane Reade we don’t have those in our area. But I have been seeing the Shot stations show up in all our local pharmacies, and big stores like Walmart and such. It’s nice that they are making it so much easier to get the shots people need.

  • I haven’t gotten a flu shot ever. I rarely get the flu, and my children don’t either. David should probably get the flu shot because he’s more prone to getting sick than we are, but he doesn’t.
    I’m not against vaccines, but I just don’t find this one necessary.

  • It’s cool that they are getting athletes involved to help get the word out about flu shots. We’ve never ever gotten a flu shot. Maybe one year we will, especially with my daughter starting school and bringing home all sorts of nasty germs.

  • Great article for people who want to get the flu shot! I am personally not a big fan of it. I have had the shot twice and got the flu each time.

  • I was just reading on CNN where a 17 year old boy, that was perfectly healthy, died from the flu. I wonder if he had gotten a flu shot if he would still be here. We get them every year because both my girls have asthma. Thanks for such a great post!