7 Kid Friendly Movies To Watch On A Snow Day

7 Kid Friendly Movies to Watch on Snow Days

How do you keep the kids from going stir-crazy on snow days? While there are dozens of great, activities out there for kids, sometimes you just want to be able to sit down and relax.  What better way to do that than with a few kid friendly movies. I’ve put together a great selection of movies to watch on snow days. Some of these films can help inspire the kids with ideas for their own entertainment, while others are just great classics to help pass the time on a snowy day. No matter which you choose, picking a few great movies to watch on snow days can save your sanity.

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Ice Age*

If you’re looking for a movie that’s got ice and snow, you’re not going to get much better than Ice Age. Ice Age is one of those lovely family films that has something for everyone. It’s a good ninety-minute escape.

Chronicles of Narnia*

Narnia’s a snowy winter wonderland, just like the kids will see outside. The movie’s a real hit with slightly older (fourth and fifth grade) children, but young kids will enjoy the talking animals. This is one of the better kid friendly movies out there, and definitely worth a watch as a family.

The Mighty Ducks*

This nineties classic is as close to a great sports movie as a kid is likely to see, and it makes for one of the better snow day movies out there. Everyone loves to see a band of misfits come together to win the big game, and your kids might get inspired by all of the hockey-playing to go out there and burn off a little energy on their own.

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Happy Feet*

Who doesn’t love dancing penguins? It’s got snow, it’s got songs, and it has a touching plotline that will keep you interested while the kids laugh at the silly jokes. This is one cartoon that’s worth watching again and again.

March of the Penguins*

A little more serious, your kids will still enjoy the gentle story of the penguins’ annual march. This one might be a little slow for very young children, but it’s a great choice for children who love animals.


If you’re not already sick of this one, you can grab the instant snowbound classic that is Disney’s Frozen. A great movie about sisterly love and being true to yourself, it has infectious songs and an icebound plot that is sure to remind your kids of the snowy world outside their window.

The Empire Strikes Back*

This one might come a little out of left field, but it’s a great movie for a young sci-fi fan. The opening scenes on the snowy planet Hoth will inspire a great deal of play throughout the day, and parents can take a little time to enjoy the rest of the classic film.

The important thing about a snow day movie isn’t what’s on the screen, but what you can do with it. All of these kid-friendly movies have life lessons and activity ideas within them, so watch them with your kids – you might just enjoy the snow day as much as they do!

What are your favorite movies to watch on snow days?

Snow day? Keep the kids busy with these 7 Kid Friendly Movies to Watch on Snow Days

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7 Kid Friendly Movies To Watch On A Snow Day

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