BoConcept Provides Perfect Interior Design Services

The ability to create the ideal interior design to match your home, style and fantasies is what BoConcept displays with the short film THE CALL. The interesting thing is that it is not actually an AD, but a mysterious and appealing story involving two energetic on-screen characters, in an excellent setting with furnishing provided by BoConcept.

The first of two movies, THE CALL will be followed by the second movie, THE GUEST.

Shot in Valencia, Spain, the film crew was based at the lovely mansion of the top rated BoConcept fashioner Morten Georgsen for a 6 day period. With the perfect open-plan, the villa has huge windows, perfect materials and an awesome perspective, creating the right setting.

The handsome cool charmer in this thrilling drama is played by Mads Mikkelsen, while the attempt of Malin Buska to seduce him is unsuccessful. This is so because he constantly receives mysterious calls, from a female who plays on ambiguous suggestions. But things are not what they seem! The careful selection and use of furniture, materials and embellishments to make the ideal settings resulting in tasteful dramatization, is explained by Jette Christensen, the BoConcept Visual Manager.

He stated that the concept of the company can be used in various ways, and in this particular case, the objective was to achieve a luxurious and mature ambiance, necessary to complement Mads’ character. Dark colors were combined with fine natural materials such as marble and leather, along with lamps, rugs and cushions that had shiny accents to add a bit of glamour.

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Bo Concept furniture

The Mezzo couch with its big seats and cushions, and trimmed with exclusive stone-colored leather has a focal part in the film. The film ends with Mads Mikkelsen relaxing comfortably in the ionic Imola chair. The design of the chair and its fabric, the “Napoli” which is a smooth material dark tone, contrasts elegantly with the large leather sofa and marble table.

Everything in the film combines perfectly in the presentation of a sophisticated atmosphere and the image of an impeccably designed lifestyle. The décor on the set assists in pulling it all together with Mads Mikkelsen for THE CALL. Your own exclusive super sleek look can be created by BoConcept, who offers its own Interior Decoration service to assist you. You have the opportunity to live the Mads-BoConcept lifestyle depicted in THE CALL, with the chance offered by BoConcept to win your own personal design service, in addition to furniture valued at $5,000 from BoConcept.

The video below provides the link to the contest at the end. Watch it now.


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  • I really like how simple the design of that room is, while still holding a luxurious look. I’m thinking of hiring an interior decorator for my living room. i’ll definitely keep the vibe of this room in mind as I try to come up with ideas.

BoConcept Provides Perfect Interior Design Services

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