Creating A Simple House Cleaning Schedule

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House cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do.  As I juggle between my work, and taking care of the family, cleaning the house sometimes becomes a low priority. As spring approaches, however, I am looking for a fresh start. This year, starting with spring cleaning, I hope to take more control over my home by implementing a simple house cleaning schedule.  Below, I have compiled some house cleaning tips you can use to come up with a house cleaning schedule of your own.

Creating A Simple House Cleaning Schedule

A Simple House Cleaning Schedule

The best way to establish a cleaning routine is to keep it simple. Writing it down also helps. I plan on keeping a a copy of my cleaning schedule in the kitchen because I spend a lot of time there.

Your schedule doesn’t have to be rigid. It is a work in progress. Modify it whenever you need to. Make a list of all chores such as vacuuming, yard work, laundry, grocery shopping, and mopping. Then choose a day for each task, or set aside one or two hours each week to do it all.

The Weekend Deep House Cleaning Schedule

The best way for a house cleaning schedule to work is to start with a clean house. Devote one or two weekends to thoroughly cleaning every room in your home or apartment. I like to take my time and start slow, so for me, I prefer to clean one room at a time. To keep things organized, start cleaning at the top and work your way down to the floors. Also, move in one direction, such as clockwise, to save time.

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Daily Light Cleaning

The key to keeping the house clean is to do a little light cleaning every day. Get in the habit of putting things away after your finish using them. Throw away old newspapers and junk mail each day. This avoids clutter. It also prevents me form becoming overwhelmed.  Another example of light cleaning is to wipe up any messes as soon as they occur.

The kitchen can get very messy very quickly if not cleaned regularly. I know mine does! Get into the routine of wiping the countertops and tables after cooking and eating a meal. Put dishes in the dishwasher after cooking. Do a full load of dishes every day. In the evening, always sweep the kitchen floor.

You can also get into the habit of cleaning the bathroom as you use it. Wipe the bathroom sink and the toilet after using them. Wipe the shower doors or walls to prevent soap scum buildup.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and is the perfect time to freshen up your living space. With a household cleaning schedule, you can keep your house clean by doing a little work every day. By adhering to this routine, you will soon notice that it takes less time and effort to keep your house clean and tidy.

Are you a little extreme when it comes to cleaning? What is your house cleaning schedule?

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  • I keep saying that I need to do this. I have a pretty small house and if I just cleaned one room a day it would be easy peasy! I just need to stick to it now!

  • Great tips! The light cleaning is something that I try to do in the morning when everyone else is off to work or school and in the evening.

  • I try to keep up with a routine. Somewhere between Weds. and Thurs. the schedule outsmarts me. By that time of the week I have grown tired, between kid schedules, Doctor appointments and all other hats that I wear. Saturday is our straighten up really well day, and Monday is usually my deep clean day.

  • House cleaning is not my favorite thing either but im ocd so i try to stay on top of it. I do great for months then get sick or something and it seems like i can never catch up. These are good tips.

Creating A Simple House Cleaning Schedule

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