Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Idea

I just realized that Valentine’s Day is only a few day away and I have not done a thing yet to prepare for it.  I had all these plans to make crafty things and decorate, but of course my plans never pan out.  So this morning I did a little brainstorming and  looked around the house to see if I could come up with something super quick.  This is what I came up with:


This was super easy to make.

I found some Kraft card stock


Found a heart shape to use as a stencil


Traced the heart onto the cardstock



Next I found some old rose photo corners I had hiding in my garage.


I applied the photo corners onto the cardstock alternating between red and white.  The middle didn’t come out very neat, but I still think it looks kinda cute!

I had an empty picture frame lying around that was the right size so I slipped it in.  And there you have it!  Quick, easy home décor for Valentine’s Day.


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  • Simple & stunning! Would love to feature this if you could add the Craftastic Party button or a link somewhere on your blog. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday – can’t wait to see what you link up next!

  • Great idea! I wish I wasn’t absolutely lacking in the creatively department so I could think up stuff like this.

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  • That is really simple and cute! And quite ingenious of you to come up with in such little time. Are you going to give it to someone or just use it for decoration? I think this would be a great craft for little kids to do too! Maybe for their teachers! Easy to make more than one and easy to make a smaller version. Great job!

    • Thanks Janice. I’m using it for decoration. You’re right, it’s very easy for kids.

  • This turned out great!! I love how you were able to put something together with what you had on hand. Thank you for joining me at Crafty Therapy Thursday at P.S. I Love You Scrapbooking. This week’s link up has been posted and I hope you’ll join me!

  • I love how this turned out to be a 3D piece…just makes me want to reach out and touch it!

    Stopping by from the #crafttherapy blog hop!

Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Idea

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