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Valentine’s Day Movies for Families

Valentine's Day Movies for Families

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many couples are excited to spend time together and enjoy a romantic time. This applies to young couples and married couples alike. Age never matters when it comes to enjoying Valentine’s Day, and families may find it easy to enjoy family movie nights together on Valentine’s Day. There are so many Valentine’s Day movies for families out there that you can enjoy on this special day, and taking the time to enjoy a night with your whole family can be a good way to strengthen the bond with your significant other. Consider some of the following family friendly Valentine’s Day movies that can make the day more enjoyable for you.

The Love Bug

Both the original and the sequel can be good choices for you and your children. This movie features a story that revolves around the adventures of a Volkswagen named Herbie. The car has a mind of its own and you and your family can expect to go on an entire adventure with the whole Herbie gang! The best part about it is that you can share the fond memories that you have of the series with your kids. When you are done with these movies, you can always look into other extensions of the series to see how the adventure continues in more modern incarnations.

The Parent Trap

The entire parent trap series can be a great way to spend the holiday together because of how much fun it can be for the whole family. It follows the story of two twin girls who had no idea that they were related meeting together for the first time and trying to bring their parents back together. It is a definite classic that will leave you and your family in awe at some of the heart warming moments. Not only can it be a great movie to share with your kids for the holiday, but it can also be a good way to spend any movie night, simply because of how memorable the movie is.

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Lady and the Tramp

This is easily one of the best movies that you can enjoy on a Valentine’s Day themed movie night. It is a huge classic, the telling of a story as old as time, only cast through the eyes of adorably animated dogs. The story is about the unlikely romance that buds between a stray dog and one living a comfortable life in a home. The two meet and bond with each other while overcoming many obstacles together. It is a great movie that features wonderful animation, coupled with memorable scenes and dialogues.

Beauty and the Beast

When people think of romantic animated movies, this is one of the first that pops into mind. It is an incredibly iconic story, where a beautiful young woman is taken to live with a beast. Over time, the two learn more about each other, and see that there is more to a person than their appearance. It is a classic tale that you and your family can share for years to come.

If you’re looking for other ideas to make your Valentine’s Day a little bit more special, I’m sharing a few more great ideas from my favorite bloggers.

What other family friendly Valentine’s Day movies can you share?

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