Four Ways To Save Money On A Tight Budget

A few weeks ago, I was gifted the new HP X360, which is a convertible hybrid laptop. What makes it amazing is the fact that it can be used in four modes, namely laptop mode, tablet mode, tent mode and stand mode.  I love how I can use it as a a straight laptop one minute, and then fold it down into a tablet the next. In honor of receiving this super cool hybrid computer, I’m sharing my take on 4 ways to save money on a tight budget, inspired by the 4 modes of the @HP x360 four modes. You can learn more about the XP360 and HP’s role in Meghan Trainor’s That Bass Tour here #BendTheRules.

When you are planning ahead for your financial future, it can be difficult to save on a tight budget. For most people, frugal living can be difficult, but by following some of these easy money saving tips, you will be able to save in the long term, without having to worry about making too many cuts on the things that you do enjoy.

Figuring out some ways to save money on a tight budget and crunching those numbers on the HP x360 in Tablet mode

Start Small

The first step to any type of saving opportunity is to begin where you can. Starting really small can be a great way to watch the savings begin to accumulate. It is okay to start small and work your way up, as many people are not ready to make enormous savings at a moment’s notice. Make sure that you have an achievable goal as a first step, and then simply begin working your way up that goal. When you have shown yourself that there are ways to save money on a tight budget, and that you are moving at an even and enjoyable pace, the rest becomes even easier.

Look Into Ongoing Expenses

Usually, these expenses can be the first to go when you need to open up some saving opportunities. Take a closer look at things such as your car loan, your renter’s insurance, your internet plan, your cable bill, and your cell phone bill, and any other recurring charges that you can wind down on. As you move through each of these expenses, you can find yourself saving directly by modifying or eliminating plans.  For instance, canceling your cable service and signing up for a streaming service can really help you save.

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Looking for an easy way to save money on a tight budget?  how about switching to a streaming service? 

Increase Retirement Savings

Working with your retirement savings is another crucial part of helping save real money. While you may probably not see that money for a long time to come, it is still there, and knowing that you are in direct control of how much you have in your retirement account can be very powerful. Gently increase the amount of money that you put into your retirement account, until you are comfortable with how much you are setting aside. Taking the time to plan ahead for this can help you save money in the future, when you can access the account itself. Same goes for college savings.

Saving for retirement and college is also very important and is something to think about.

Look Into Your Food Budget

What many people are not aware of is the fact that your food budget may allow you more wiggle room than you have previously thought. Shopping according to local deals and cutting down on the amount of junk food that you purchase can make a big difference in your savings. Avoid eating out too often as well, and be sure to plan meals ahead of time to save even more money.

With careful consideration and planning, it can be easy for you to save easily and efficiently.

Do you know of any more ways to save money on a tight budget?

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  • Really drilling down on your favorite recipes and figuring out what the cost per serving is. Then figuring ways to make it cheaper. For example, adding some frozen veggies to an all meat dish (like meatloaf or a spaghetti meat sauce) to give it more volume. Since veggies are cheaper than meat, you’ve brought down the cost. But your family still has the “feeling” of meat and won’t complain. Plus, you’ve added some inexpensive nutrition.

  • The best way to track your finances is to use something like Quicken or to track every penny. Only then will you have a good understanding of where you are.

  • Tracking our finances is something we need to get better at. We’ve actually started working on a better budget and saving more each month, which is a good thing!

  • Oh my we are finding as our teens grow they eat us out of house and home! I can’t believe how fast the food is disappearing, we really need to reevaluate our food budget and learn how to save money!

  • This looks like an awesome laptop and I’m in the market for one. I’m going to check it out. Great tips for saving money too! Over time, you could probably save enough to pay for the laptop itself! 🙂 Have a great weekend, Diane!

  • These are all great tips. I think one of the things we do is spend too much on food – we need to use more stuff from the pantry (like canned food) and frozen food more often.

Four Ways To Save Money On A Tight Budget

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