12 Ways To Save Money On Halloween

While Christmas may be the most expensive holiday of the year, for some families, Halloween can follow as a close second. Halloween is the one time of year where both children and parents can dress up in costume, and adorn their house and yard with tons of spooky decorations. For families on a budget, there are several ways to save money on Halloween candy, decorations, costumes and more.


Halloween Costumes

Most kids and adults begin planning their Halloween costume ideas months in advance. The best, and most expensive, Halloween costumes are found at stores such as Party City, or a costume rental shop. To save money on Halloween costumes, consider some of these less expensive options.

1. Shop at thrift stores, such as Goodwill, Value Village, or Salvation Army, for cheap costumes and accessories.

2. If you are skilled at sewing, consider making your own costume from a pattern.

3. Swap costumes with friends. This way you, your kids, and your collective group of friends can wear a different costume every Halloween.

4. Make your own costume. Check online for do-it-yourself Halloween websites that give ideas on creating simple costumes out of every day clothing items.

Halloween Parties

Whether you are throwing the party, or attending one, there are several ways to save money on Halloween parties. When throwing a party, you will need to find cheap decorations and inexpensive foods to serve. If you are attending a party, you may be asked to bring a contributing dish or dessert.

1. Shop at your local dollar store for Halloween party favors, candy, food, candles, prizes and decorations. Around Halloween, many dollar stores carry black and orange streamers, Halloween goodies in the shape of coffins, bats and more.

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2. Give your party guests homemade, Halloween-themed prizes such as loot bags, filled with cheap, spooky trinkets and candies.

3. Prepare homemade dishes, snacks and desserts. Conduct a search online for Halloween-themed recipes, such as cupcakes with bat sprinkles, bleeding cakes, and monster mash guacamole.

4. Make your own yard and indoor decorations. Tombstones are easily created out of sturdy pieces of cardboard, a little spray paint, and a permanent marker. Spider webbing and streamers are also fun Halloween decorations that can be purchased at dollar stores or Wal-Mart.

Halloween Candy

Purchasing Halloween candy can also get on the expensive side, depending on the type of candy, and number of kids that show up trick-or-treating. Consider these money saving tips when buying and giving out candy.

1. Use coupons. If your local grocery stores offer coupons for bags of candy, make use of them to get the best, discounted price.

2. Buy bags of candy from your local dollar store to save money on Halloween.

3. Buy smaller quantities. During the Halloween season, people tend to go overboard when buying bags of candy, and will often get too much. Not all stores will allow returns on unopened Halloween candy, although some will if the bags are still sealed.

4. Do not give out handfuls of candy per trick-or-treater. Instead, give a couple of pieces to each child who comes to your door. Some may see this as stingy, but when you stop to think of how many houses kids visit to “trick-or-treat,” you are giving just the right amount and saving yourself money in the process.

What other tips do you have for saving on Halloween?

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  • I’ve been wanting to wear my niece that cute little riding hood outfit.
    It’s perfect for Halloween party

  • My mom used to go to the thrift stores every year and come up with awesome costumes!! One of a kind and unique… you can’t find *cool* like THAT at any big box store for sure! Great tips!

  • Great tips! I try to live by most of these tips, but I think sometimes I get so wrapped up in the kids’ excitement that I forget that I need to save money (and how easy it can be to do so!)

  • What great ideas. This year I think Sierra is going to wear a pair of jeans, a flannel country type shirt and some boots to be a cowgirl, but she may change her mind.

12 Ways To Save Money On Halloween

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