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Help Others Help Themselves With Kiva Microlending

kivaHave you heard of micro lending? This relatively new concept in financing allows people to loan small amounts of money to people wanting help with their business start-ups and improvements. In fact, Philip and I have been involved with microlending since 2008 by providing loans to people living in third world countries via Kiva Micro Lending. To date we have provided 16 loans. You can take a look at all of the loans we’ve made here. was the first online organization to help connect lenders and entrepreneurs. Based in San Francisco, California, Kiva serves as a networking group for people who have a social conscience and money to invest. It links them and their specified loan amounts to folks such as the Bolivian woman who dreams of owning a sewing machine to start a clothing business. Or perhaps to the man who wants to buy cattle and seeds to make his farm more prosperous.

Why loans? Well, those seeking the loans live in poverty. They are not looking for hand-outs. Instead they are seeking ways to bring about the small but significant improvements that will let them grow their businesses.

Kiva sponsors nearly 22,000 lending teams, with a total of 652,247 lenders. Started in 2005, the organization allows people to lend as little as $25. Since the repayment rate is 98.96 percent, lenders get the bonus of a return on their investment.

In addition to its staff and board in San Francisco, Kiva has 450 volunteers throughout the world, reporting back from 61 countries on five continents. The loan process is kept simple for lenders and recipients. But much work goes on behind the scenes to ensure high quality, safe service on both sides. Successful microfinance arrangements, such as those managed by Kiva, create more opportunity all around.

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Wanna help too? Visit and get involved!

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  • I’ve heard a little bit about this organization but never really looked to far into it. Looks like a great program. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’ve heard of Kiva. Need to check them again. last time I tried I couldn’t get their site to work. But I think that might have been because I heard about them on NPR.

  • I’ve heard about Kivo for years, I love the idea. It’s amazing how an amount of money we look at as being small can be life changing for people through Kivo!

    • So true. The lenders really appreciate the fact that they can be in business for themselves and control their own destiny.

  • I hear that Kiva supporters will invest $25 in a project. When they are re-paid that just re-invest in another. I think this makes it very easy for an individual at any level of income to show their support.