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Simple, Easy Ways You Can Give Back As A Family This Holiday Season

Simple, Easy Ways You Can Give Back As A

Most of us consider the holiday season to be one of the most wonderful times of the year where we get to spend time with family and enjoy each other’s company.  At the same time, holidays can be very busy. It is important to find time, as a family, to celebrate the true spirit of the season in serving together and giving back to the community. Putting a smile on another person’s face is one of the ways we can make a positive difference in the life of others and instill the values of kindness, compassion and community responsibility.

The Bakken invitation program

The Bakken Invitation Program connects and celebrates people, who are beneficiaries of medical technology, and are contributing all round the world through volunteerism and charity. Based on the legacy of Medtronic co-founder Earl Bakken, the program recognizes and rewards 10 Bakken Invitation Honorees for their contributions. Click the image below to read the lessons in living and giving from the survivors.

Live On Give On Bakken Invitation

You may not be a beneficiary of medical technology, but there are still ways to give back to others. Giving back doesn’t mean you have to give a huge donation, any simple thing you do can go a long way in making someone else enjoy the holiday season.

  • Adopt a family in need.  Every year Z.E.N.’s school adopts a few families in need and asks all of the students to participate in providing a gift to all family members.  This is such a simple way to give back.
  • Donate to kids in need.  Find a children’s home or a community organization accepting donations. When your kids are writing down their holiday shopping lists, ask them to include a toy they would like to give to a needy child in the community. You can all pick a gift, wrap it and write a card to go with it.
  • Surprise a neighbor.  During the holidays, why not spare some time to bake some cookies for an elderly neighbor or cook a warm meal for a new neighbor. Such simple acts to spread cheer always seem to make us feel much better as a members of the community.
  • Join a community race. I have signed up and participated in a couple of races in the past that contribute to charities my family supports. It’s quite simple, just find a race and encourage your friends and family to join in. it’s always a great feeling and you also get to engage in a fitness activity.
  • Pick up litter. Join hands as a family and gear up to clean up your local park, river or streets. It’s always plenty of fun and you can ask friends and neighbors to join in the effort and make a difference. If possible, take photos and videos to create lasting memories.
  • Create a giving jar. Almost all of us have given some money to a cause we believe in. One of our favorite charities is Doctors Without Borders and we try to give to them whenever we can. We can teach our kids the value of giving by creating a giving box together. This offers the perfect opportunity to converse with them about sharing and giving to the needy. Put the jar in a place in your home and encourage each member of your family to donate something at least each week. When it’s full, you can sit together and decide where to donate the gifts or money you’ve collected over time.
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Imagine all the good you could do if you had $100 to give back? Enter this giveaway for a chance to win a $100 gift card.  The winner of this giveaway is free to choose how the money is spent, but the goal is that it should be used to benefit the community in some way.

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Thank you to Medtronic for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to give back to my community!

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  • My family and I give back in our community by donating food and clothes. Especially in the winter, we like to gather coats to donate to those in need.

  • I make fabric flower accessories and give them to disadvantaged girls and homeless women, also sew fleece mittens for ppl of all ages and give them to the mitten drive

  • I would help with the local food bank by donating food this Christmas season, and giving a warm blanket and a hat and gloves to the Women’s shelter with some shampoo and conditioners. I also would help by buying a really nice gift for a needy child. I am doing all these things this Christmas!

  • We pay for the adoption fee for an animal at our local animal shelter, so that a family can adopt the pet

  • We do a lot of ‘little’ donations each year throughout the holiday season as well as volunteering. Plus, this year we are blessing a family with an assortment of goodies to help brighten their Christmas.

  • I bring food and clothing to a group that helps the homeless. This group has no paid staff, it is open from 8am-5pm and no government support. They provide hot food all day plus food to go and access to computers, the internet and showers.

  • We try to give back to senior citizens. Creating care packages for people in my grandmother’s nursing home with a small card, treats, or little trinkets really brighten their days.

  • We go through our stuff at least once a year and we donate what we don’t need.

  • I work with Adult Males that are mentally impaired. Many of my contest wins are used to help them get things that they need.

  • We give back by donating to Toys for Tots, and we also volunteer too hand the toyss andd food baskets out every year, We like to serve our community and to give back when we can.

  • Ways we give back – we feel very strong about supporting our community. We regularly give to the food pantries and shelters. We round up every chance we get. I donate time to the local hospital and we help in all charity drives. I shop our local thrift store that donates all proceeds to the needy in our community.

  • My big thing is hunger. We volunteer at the local food pantry, and even fill in for anyone who comes up with a conflict and can not work their shirt. This makes for lots of shifts for us! We also donate and try to do everything we can think of to encourage others to do the same.

    We do other things, too, but this is really my pet project.

  • This year we helped a family in another state that did not have enough for Christmas other than going to the dollar store. We ordered gifts for the kids and had them sent to them.

  • We volunteer in our community, donate usable goods to charity shops, and participate in food and toy drives.

  • We focus on year round help, not just during the holidays. We go once a month to the soup kitchen. We pack and hand out book bags, we help pass out coats in the winter, and participate in the local river clean up.

  • I give to my church’s food bank and we also talk up collections for a local thrift store that sells all their clothes and shoes for only .25. So many are blessed to be able to find decent work and school clothes.

  • We take tags from the Christmas tree at church to purchase items for a family in need.

  • We donate our time to the human society and childrens hospital. Plus son helps out at school with activities for band.

  • Those are all really great tips and I love the part about picking up litter. That’s something we can do as a family for sure while keeping our neighborhood clean.

  • A lot of people blog about ideas, but rarely do they blog how to give back. These are wonderful ideas. I would give back by buying toys for a local organization called Operation breakthrough. Its a non profit organization for disadvantaged children.

  • we get children from our local angel tree and buy them gifts at christmas

  • We give back by making donations to local shelters. We also participate in canned food drives.

  • My family gives clothes every season to people in need and my and my moms company also donates a portion of the profits to 20+ different charities 🙂

  • We buy extra healthy food to donate to whoever is collecting canned goods for the holidays. We always give to people who are asking for help on street corners (usually food or clothes instead of money). We also take extra time to stand up for animals (who cannot speak for themselves) by encouraging people to buy warm weather clothes that do not include fur, wool, leather, down, angora, etc. Thanks for this chance to win! Happy holidays 🙂

  • i give to my local food bank regularly and donate to charities that care for the elderly in hospices in our area.

  • The wife and I donate to Food For The Poor, March of Dimes, Easter Seals, American Lung Association, the homeless of NYC, etc….

  • All year, we give back by donating and volunteering at our local food bank and shelter. During the holidays, we participate in our local Angel Tree and Toys for Tots. 🙂

  • Yesterday we dropped off a collection of toys at the Toys for Tots collection bin. My preschooler helped select some of them on her own, and it made us all feel good to give to others.

  • My kids and I serve our community often through our church. We just worked at Breakfast with Santa this past Saturday.

  • We volunteer at a local shelter and also donate goods to various organizations throughout the year.

  • I try to give as much as I can via charities. I also make sure to do little things for people, opening doors and helping pick up dropped items, etc.

  • we help serve dinner at church to poor and sponsor a child through Wold Vision

  • There is an orphanage in Uganda that we donate and send care packages too. A friend and I also volunteer on Thanksgiving to drive dinners to people who can’t get out or have no other family.

  • We have charities that we give to through our church. During the holidays we give to The Salvation Army through the Red Kettles located outside stores.

  • We give to charities, and always donate food to the local food drive every December.

  • We hand-made fleece blankets for people in need this year. There are so many people out there who need warmth more than we do.

  • I donate clothing, craft supplies and food year round. Around Christmas I always give out homemade necklaces to retail workers as I used to be a retail worker and it is a very thankless and underpaid job. I am also sponsoring a soldier.

  • This year we purchased Christmas presents through a program that helps provide stability for homeless families for a little boy. We also regularly volunteer at the food bank and food pantry.

  • We participate in the food drive in our community and donate the clothes our children have outgrown to the church.

  • We’ve given back several ways this holiday season and throughout the year. A couple weeks ago me and my 20 yoa daughter rang bells for Salvation Army. We also donate to the kettles when we see them.
    I just donated boxes of food and personal hygiene items to a local food shelter. I also donated books and toys to Toys for Tots. Thanks.

  • We give back by donating household items to a local thrift store that helps people like single moms in need.

  • We donate to charities with our son having a heart transplant we try to give where we can.

  • We are very involved with a non-profit organization called Cherish Kids! It helps to raise resources and awareness for foster care and adoption.

  • we buy wrap and deliver presents to those who may not otherwise have any Christmas!

  • We donate to various charities, and my husband works with special needs children.

  • We give every month to a few charities and I help feed all the neighborhood cats.

  • We are donating stuff ALL the time, be it clothing, toys, or food to the food bank.

  • We donate clothing and food for the street children. For this new year we are planning to the same routine.