9 Ideas on How To Save Money on Groceries

After watching the show Extreme Couponing a few weeks back, I decided that I really needed to learn how to save money on groceries.  I do clip coupons here and there, but I’m not really consistent, so I’ve been doing some research and started following some coupon and deal blogs.

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save money on groceries

The growing cost of food and other items you need for your home is enough to raise your blood pressure when you walk into the grocery store, I know it raises mine. Shoppers are often faced with increased prices each time they buy groceries, and these high prices can have a direct effect on families with a strict budget, or those who are living on a fixed income. Even if you are not concerned about your financial status, you don’t want to go broke when you buy groceries. The skyrocketing costs of food are forcing many shoppers to decide how to save money on groceries for their family.

I have learned that there are several things you can do to reduce the amount of money you spend on each shopping trip.

How To Save Money on Groceries

Stick to Cash

This might seem silly, but creating a grocery budget and taking out the amount you need in cash might make it easier to make tough decisions. This will make you pay attention to prices and help you stick to your budget.

Shop in Bulk

Yes, bulky items might cost a bit more, but do not let that fool you. You usually end up paying more for the small can of potatoes as opposed to the large can. All you have to do is use reusable containers or mason jars when you get home to reduce the amount of space some of these large items take up.

Local Shopping

The grocery store is not the only place that you can look for deals, especially if you live in an area with plenty of farms. Many of these locations offer great prices for vegetables, meat, and fruit. You also get to support the local economy, which is a bonus. If you can’t travel to the farm you may be able to take advantage of farm to table programs.

Use Coupons

Using manufacturers coupons is one of the best ways to save money at the market. This money-saving technique has been used for decades, and more shoppers are taking advantage of them at the cash register. Coupons for groceries, produce, and cleaning supplies are readily available in advertisements for local markets, newspapers, and magazines. Those who have access to the Internet can print out coupons for the items their family uses the most. Grocery stores often double the value of certain types of coupons, reducing your bill even more. The problem I have with coupons is that I always seem to forget them at home. I think purchasing a coupon organizer like this one and keeping it in my car may help.

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Download a Mobile Savings App

Don’t have time to look for coupons, but still want to save? Well, you are in luck! There is a great mobile app called Ibotta that lets you get cash rebates on items that you purchase at the grocery store. It’s really easy to use. Simply search for items that you are planning on buying, scan your receipt after your purchase and you will receive cash back. What I really like about this app is the fact that their rebates can be stacked with manufacturers coupons, so you can save even more! Join today to get a $10 welcome bonus!


Check out the weekly deals and let those guide your meals for the week. Sometimes you might end up with a vegetable or meat that you do not usually eat, but that does not have to be a bad thing. Take each week as an opportunity to explore and add more recipes to your repertoire.

Go Back to Nature

You can grow your own food if you know a thing or two about gardening. It might be ideal to start small like with herbs or tomatoes and go from there. You can also learn about the edible plants that grow in the wild. You can get a few books, but a class might be more helpful. This knowledge might help you forage the land as if it were your own, or you can get permission from the owner. Depending on your region, fishing or hunting might also be a possibility.

Go to the Deli Counter

The deli meats in the packages might look nice, but most of the time you end up spending more for these. It might be wiser to get your own cuts at the deli counter where you might be able to get bulkier deli meats at a fraction of the price.

Use a Store Discount Card

Another valuable item that can help trim your monthly grocery bill is the store discount card.  Large grocery stores offer their own discount card that can be used each time you buy groceries. With these store discount cards, grocery shoppers can save up to fifty percent on specific products, and purchase two items for the price of one. Applying for a card from the grocery store is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.   I shop at many different grocery stores, but up until recently, had only signed up for one store’s discount card program.  I am now signed up at all the stores I shop.  So, to gain the most benefits, you should definitely have a discount card for the grocery stores you visit on a regular basis.

These are just a few ideas, but they should help guide you in the right direction so that you save money on groceries. You should also try to limit your grocery trips and avoid impulse purchases.

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So what about you?  Do you have any helpful tips on how to save money on groceries that you can share?

How To Save Money on Groceries

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  • Those are good tips to saving. It just takes a bit of planning ahead of time, doesn’t it? And cutting out those last minute runs for one or two items.

    I make a lot of things at home instead of buying them. I don’t buy detergents or cleaners of any sort since I make them at home. I mix my own spices, sauces, and condiments. Those are super easy to get the kids involved in. We also started growing a lot of our staple vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Again, the kids get to help out, they’re more likely to eat it if they contributed and it saves me a ton of money.

    • Zoie, awesome tips. What ingredients do you need to make your own detergent. I may try that. Last summer we planted a small vegetable garden and plan on doing the same again this year.

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  • I always use coupons where ever i can, they’re giving you the same item but for less money, how can you not win! 🙂

  • I agree. I like to save money on groceries, but I don’t have a ton of time to spend on coupon clipping and organizing. I have a few sites that I always check each week before I go to the store.

    For printable grocery coupons: coupons.com, couponnetwork.com and redplum.com. (These sites typically update their coupons on Tuesdays.) And then I also check cellfire.com and savingstar.com. With these sites, the savings you choose are loaded right into your store loyalty card, so there’s nothing to print. I also tend to buy generic whenever possible.

  • Nice post! I learned a lot of information from this post. It is important that you learn to save money. Not just because you can save for those tough times but because you can have a better grip of your expenses. One of the largest family expenses is the food budget. Thanks the effort you took to expand upon this post so thoroughly. I look forward to your future post. You can also know more about this from my blog Save Money from Your Food Budget.

  • Thanks Diane,

    I have watched those programs and wondered if that was ever something I could do. Maybe not as extreme, but they are really great ways to save money and all it needs is a bit of planning.

    Beth 🙂

9 Ideas on How To Save Money on Groceries

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