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How To Be An Excellent Sports Mom

I became a sports mom 2 years ago. Z.E.N. started participating in organized sports when he was in kindergarten. At the time, the only sport available to boys his age at his school was track. I asked him if he wanted to try it and he was definitely interested. He liked it a lot and since then has run on the track team every year since.

Learn how to become an excellent sports morm (or dad)

Being an excellent sports mom is an art. When it comes to organized sports, the devotion that the parents show has a lot to do whether or not the child will excel. Showing that you have team spirit is something that, as a mom, can make all the difference to your child.

Here are some tips on how to be an excellent sports mom:

1. Does your child really want to play? This is an important question because sometimes the parents force the child to do something they really don’t want. If they do want it and you are supportive, you get a lot of points!

The first year Z.E.N. ran track, there was a boy that had also joined who was not really fond of the sport. I had a chat with his mother one day and she mentioned that she signed him up for track because it was a way for her to get him to exercise a bit. He clearly hated it though and refused to run most of the times.

2. Why is your child in sports? Does your child have a competitive streak and want to win or does he or she want to participate just for fun? It helps if you know why your child wanted to play in the first place.

3. How will you find the time? This is the big question for parents, but it is important. Making this a priority is the number one goal if you are going to be a supportive mother.

I found this to be a challenge for me. Basketball season was in the dead of winter. Z.E.N. had basketball practice twice a week during the evening hours. There were times when all I wanted to do was throw on my jammies and wind down, but instead I had to bundle up and head to practice. Plus, his games were at 9am on Saturday mornings. There was no sleeping in for us.

4. Is your child a team player? As a parent, it is important that you help your child understand what it means to be an effective player on a team.

5. Does your child really know how to play? Another role you can play as a sports mom is to help your kids learn how to play the game. Even if you don’t know the sport that well, you can teach them the basics so they’ll excel once on the team.

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Z.E.N. at the foul line taking a foul shot.

This past fall, Z.E.N. decided that he wanted to play basketball. He had never played before and barely even knew how to dribble the ball. However, since he showed an interest, I decided I would let him sign up. I ran into a snag at first though, you see, his school district only allows students in 3rd grade and up to play. Z.E.N. is in 2nd grade.

I spoke to one of the coaches and he stated that if there was interest from more 2nd graders, they would let them play. Luckily, there were other 2nd graders who were interested as well, so they were all allowed to play. They were at a bit of a disadvantage though because all of the games they played were against 3rd and 4th graders who were bigger and more experienced than they were. They lost nearly all of their games, but learned a lot along the way.

Since Z.E.N. loves the sport, we have signed him up for basketball camp this summer to help him improve his skills.

6. Do you practice with them? Another key area you can help them improve at organized sports is to practice with them even when the team isn’t practicing. This is a eat way to help them develop their skills.

7. Are you the coach? If this is a sport you know well, another way you can show your team spirit is by becoming a coach or helping the coach out during practices. I helped out as a team parent for Z.E.N.’s track team for the past two years and this year, I stepped up to be an assistant coach. I still don’t know all the ins and outs of track, but I learn more and more every day.

This is me watching the team run at one of their championship competitions.

8. Do you participate at games? Cheering and participating in the games shows your child how supportive you are. Showing up at the game isn’t necessarily enough. I see so many parents who show up who are glued to their smartphones instead of actually participating. Wearing team shirts, holding signs, and clapping and cheering are all ways you can show your child you care.

If your child participates in organized sports, you can show your team spirit by being an effective sports mom. By participating in this aspect of your child’s life you make this a positive experience for the whole family.

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Are you a sports mom?  What sports do your children participate in?

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