L is for Lucky

trophy winnerPeople tend to think I’m lucky.  I don’t really think I’m that lucky, but I have won some great items in the past.  There was one year in particular where I won some amazing prizes within a span of just few months. The funny thing is, I don’t enter many sweepstakes or contests, but for whatever reason, I got really lucky.

First up, I won a video game system.  I was at work one day listening to the radio and at some point they announced that the 97th caller would win a Sega Dreamcast.  So I called.  I was totally expecting to hear a busy signal, but to my surprise, I actually got through.  I was immediately placed on hold.  I wasn’t sure what would happen next.  Was I the 97th caller?  I had no clue.  Finally, someone picked up the phone, and started talking to me.  The radio on my desk was still playing and I could hear the conversation through the radio. I was the winner!  Yay!  Unfortunately, the Sega Dreamcast video game system was a short lived game system that succumbed to competition by Sony’s PlayStation.

A few months later, I entered a contest to win a trip to Aruba.  Of course I never in a million years thought I would win.  But surprise, surprise, one day I got a call at work.  I was told that I was one of the winners of the trip for two to Aruba. I took one of my co-workers along and we had a fabulous time!

Finally, about a month after that, I won a $500 gift certificate for eLuxury.com.  eLuxury was a designer online shopping mall launched by LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) so needless to say, they had a huge selection of Louis Vuitton merchandise.  I purchased a really cute Louis Vuitton pochette purse which I love and still have to this day.  Sadly eLuxury.com no longer exists.  They closed back in 2009.

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How about you?  Have you ever had a lucky streak?  What have you won?

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  • I’ve never won anything major. Maybe something through a giveaway and not too long ago prizes from winning at bingo. That’s about it though.

  • Nice!

    I have won a number of great prizes – a Sony Handycam, a trip to Disneyworld (that I didn’t get to take 🙁 ) and MP3 player, a $500 gift certificate to a spa, a grill!

    I don’t have the time to enter as much as I used to, but I still like to try my luck at entering.

    • Wow you’ve won some great prizes as well. I would love to win a trip to Disneyworld!

L is for Lucky

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