Loving This VTech Connect to Cell Landline and Cell Phone Combo

Cell phones.  We all have a love/hate relationship with them.  My iPhone is pretty much glued to my hand when I go out, however it all goes downhill when I’m at home. From dead spots to misplacing it, there’s always something preventing me from finding or answering my cell phone when I’m at home.  Oh, and when making a call from a landline?  I can’t tell you how many times I have to ask for a phone number, or find my cell phone just to make a call.

Now VTech has solved that problem.  The VTech DS6671-3 Connect to Cell Phone system allows you to make and receive calls from both a landline and cellular phone. How cool is that!  It even includes a hands free headset.

Vtech DS6671-3 Connect to Cell Phone system base

How The VTech DS6671-3 Connect to Cell Phone system Works

You can use this as a regular landline phone, use it exclusively for your cell phone, or use it for both landline, and cell phone calls, which makes answering both your cell and landline that much easier. I’m using it as both my landline and cell phone.  It connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth technology.  Simply pair the cell phones you want to connect and you’re done.  You can pair up to two cell phone lines, plus your landline on these phones, making your life that much easier while at home. It is very easy to set up. It literally took like two minutes to pair my iPhone.

I was also able to program the phone to play my cell phone ring tone, so I can distinguish which type of call I’m getting.  This phone will even upload your contact lists from your cell phones, which means you don’t have to find your cell phone to make a call.  Just find the person’s information from the contact list and call.

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The hands free headset makes working at home easier, especially if you’re working (or playing) on the computer.  One touch, and it’s on.  No need to crane your neck to your shoulder, or use only one hand on the keyboard or mouse.

Philip trying out the cordless headset

Life just got a little simpler thanks to the VTech Connect to Cell Phone system and hands free headset!

To learn more about this great phone please be sure to visit the VTech website.  You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you still use a landline and cell phone in your home?  Would this VTech phone make your life simpler?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • I love the hands free set – I only ever seem to use my landline phone if I have to phone a company and then I’m stuck on hold forever so it would be great to be able to get on with things while listening to the tedious music. x

  • This is the best idea have come accross in ages, I want one so bad. I always have to check numbers on my mobile xx

  • We only have a landline phone in our home for the fax machine. I honestly don’t even know the number to it. When we all got cell phones, we just stopped using the landline.

  • Oh now that is very cool! I love this phone! I bet it also saves a lot of battery on your cell phone too! I always run down my cell phone battery because someone is playing games and then I don’t have enough battery to make phone calls when I need to!
    Oh, and I’m also always losing my cell at home. It’s always with me when I leave the house, but I can never keep track of it at home. I love that I would have a backup plan to answer phone calls!

  • This is neat! We don’t have a landline anymore but if we did I think we would use this all the time!

  • I heard about this and wanted to see how it actually worked. I think Vtech is on to something great here. I would love to have this in my home – I really don’t talk on the phone a lot at home, mostly because I don’t like holding the cell up to my ear. Great information!

Loving This VTech Connect to Cell Landline and Cell Phone Combo

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