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Steer Clear of Chemicals With This Non Toxic Nail Polish List

Did you know that those bottles of nail polish in your bathroom have a dirty little secret? They’re full of chemicals that can be hazardous to your health. I never really paid much attention to my nail polish until recently. I was polishing my nails and Z.E.N. came into the room and covered his nose saying “eww, what’s that smell?” That really got me thinking. I wondered why it smelled so strong and if there were any better alternatives out there. I’m happy to say that I found quite a few and wanted to share with you a non toxic nail polish list. While there’s no such thing as a completely natural nail polish, there’s also no need for you to have to inhale these things either.

8 Non Toxic Nail Polish Options (1)

Problems with Regular Nail Polish

When I was doing my research, I learned about the nail polish toxic trio. These 3 chemicals include:

1. Toulene – a chemical that’s been known to cause dizziness, issues with your central nervous system and reproductive problems. This chemical is also found in gasoline.

2. Formaldehyde – a known carcinogen. It’s used to preserve dead bodies, as well as in lab preparations. There are actually strict warnings against inhaling this chemical or having skin contact with it.

3. Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) – a chemical that’s been banned in Europe because it’s known to cause reproductive issues, organ problems and can also disrupt your endocrine system. This chemical is also classified at the highest danger level by The Environmental Working Group.

Non Toxic Nail Polish List

Now that you have a better understanding of why you should move towards using non toxic nail polish, here are some nail polishes that don’t contain the aforementioned harmful ingredients:

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1. Mineral Fusions* is a long-lasting, chip-resistant nail polish that doesn’t have any of these chemicals in it. The 60+ shades come with a really thick brush that makes it really easy to apply.

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2. Sheswai* has been successful in creating an all-natural brand, going so far as to use a sustainably harvested wood instead of a plastic cap. Their products aren’t tested on animals and, in fact, they actually donate some of their proceeds to helping animals (i.e. The World Wildlife Foundation).

3. ZOYA* doesn’t only not contain the nail polish toxic trio but it also doesn’t contain camphor or formaldehyde resin either. This polish is available in a variety of colors that last a long time.

4. Color Club* offers all vegan nail polish that’s never been tested on animals and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals either.

5. Julep* is Jane Park’s (a professional beauty expert) take on non-toxic nail polish. This brand has a ton of vibrant colors that dry fast and come with a professional brush. This brand also donates some of their proceeds to organizations that support and empower women.

6. Scotch Naturals* offer some great colors without any of the nasty chemicals. This polish also doesn’t have a really strong smell.

7. Keeki* is a non-toxic nail polish that’s 100% biodegradable, vegan and gluten free.

8. Suncoat* is another great non-toxic option but it comes with a twist: It peels off so that you won’t need any nail polish remover. However, this means it doesn’t last as long as other nail polishes.

I wasn’t able to list every brand in this post, but please be aware that there are a lot more brands out there that are less toxic than the traditional drugstore nail polish brands. With so many of them available today there should be something available for everyone.

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