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Strasburg Rail Road in Lancaster PA: All Aboard!

We’ve been taking quite a few weekend getaways this summer and a few weeks ago we decided to travel to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.  While we were there we visited the Strasburg Rail Road in Lancaster PA.

strasburg railroad in lancaster pa

The Strasburg Rail Road in Lancaster PA is America’s oldest short-line railroad. It was founded in 1832.  It is believed that they started running on a consistent schedule as early as December of 1851.  Volunteers helped to completely refurbished the railroad fifty years ago, and it operates on the same time table that was used back in 1851.

steam engine train at Strasburg Railroad

The train we rode on was a real steam engine fueled by coal.  Since it was pretty warm out, we opted to ride in an open car.  The open car does not have any windows so we were able to take lots of unobstructed pictures.

Phil and Z.E.N. in an open car steam engine train - Strasburg Railroad

Once the train departed from the station, a conductor, who was dressed in period clothing, came around to take our tickets.  He explained some of the history of the Strasburg Line during the ride and also pointed out a few attractions.  We enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we rode past the Amish farming countryside.

The only thing I didn’t like about the ride is that the train returns down the very same track, so there is really no change in scenery.  On the way back to the station, the train makes a stop at a picnic grove that is equipped with picnic tables, and playground equipment, so passengers who bring their lunch with them can get off the train and have a little picnic.  Afterwards, they can board the next arriving train back to the station.

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The train ride lasted about 45 minutes and we enjoyed every minute of it.   It was a great family experience that we will remember for many, many years.

Since we purchased a combo ticket, we also visited the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum which is located directly across the street from the Strasburg Rail Road.  I will post a review of the museum at a later date.

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